Iraq war : Wikileaks video : air strike in Baghdad : camera footage : Apache

Iraq war video from Wikileaks, a camera footage from an Apache air strike in Baghdad on 2007.
Public Domain video taken from wikipedia commons:


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  1. Stupid, brainwashed americans, shooting to everyone like to ducks, killing civilians, no matter who it is, disgusting, this video is the only o e examole, God knows how many situations like this happend

  2. anyone who says none of them had a weapon is ducking retarded. like 5 seconds after cameras are pointed out you see guys with fucking AKs… these people film their combat footage for propaganda to show young men to corrupt them. good shootin

  3. many western people say the Islamic murderers, terrorists and should not dimusnahkan.tetapi what you see? anyone who MURDERER, TERRORIST and should be destroyed? it is you yourself yes america and its allies may Allah will avenge hurt his servants who were martyred. I believe yourselves to be destroyed. TERRORISTS ARE ACTUALLY America and its allies

  4. you watch the video again retard. these guys were unarmed. fuck these worthless piece of shit american soldiers. this is an outrage what we are doing to these people, its murder. im so ashamed of americans and how heartless we are

  5. Actually that is not true at all, Iraq has had its issues however it is nothing as the Western Media Portarys, nor is Pakistan, there are more Women in Office within Pakistan than in America. FEel free to look it up.

  6. excuse me? force democracy? you call that enforcing democracy? sense when these 2 words fit together in the first place? your country is imperialist and it needs to end. or we will keep seeing these things reacquiring.

  7. All you'll achieve is peace in your country. What about peace in theirs? You Saddam Hussein murdered tens of thousands of his own people. Why do you think he was hanged?
    Pulling out is what a coward would do. Countries obviously cannot decide for themselves if they live within a dictatorship. The people have no say. Uprising are not easy. The Arab spring was a very special time but look what's happening in Syria because we're not sending in troops etc. It's a mess. Thousands are dying.

  8. at 1:09 the cross-hairs has a man standing with an RPG in his hand, resting it on his food, also I noticed an AK-47 in another mans hands. If some of these guys were press then why are they filming men that we consider hostile? Just asking

  9. They are doing their job I don't see a problem in anything they did wrong in this video. Some of you people forget that these are the same people who crash planes into towers and blow up bombs in city centers. Why would anyone have sympathy for them

  10. Yes. I do agree with you 100%! Many of us Americans did not like our last president Bush, or the fact that we invaded Iraq in the first place. I just get tired of Americans being labeled by many as ruthless and inhumane. I thank you for posting this video. I feel that information is power. The more people who see the real brutality of war, the more chances to stop war in the future. And thank you for replying back. I wish you Peace and Happiness,God Bless you. Please continue posting the truth

  11. I agree with you but WAR must be the last choice for saving people and it must be decided by ONU and not not by the strongest military nation in the world.
    I thing we have very similar ideas.

  12. ATTN: safecreativecommons. Wouldn't you agree with me when I say that NATO, UN are virtually worthless. They sit there debate for months and months as innocent people die. I was in Bosnia 1996(US MARINE). We were told by UN forces to OBSERVE and report. Weren't allowed to help. Why were we even there? UN! a waste of time. And NATO? Well they managed to hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and almost start a MAJOR WAR.

  13. Yes. This is point.
    Let countries decide for themselves.
    Us, Nato or Onu must do something ONLY if there is a real danger for global community. Bush said that Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" but we also know, now, that it was a big lie.

  14. As an American I think we need to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, and Iraq immediately! No need to be there any longer. Enough lives have been lost on BOTH sides. Let countries decide for THEMSELVES what is right for them. You cannot force democracy on a people. Especially in Iraq, where tribes have fought one another for hundreds of years. Let them figure it out. Its time our troops came home. I have been in battle so like any veteran want Peace!

  15. Basically…The Iraqis are better off without Saddam. All wars are terrible! Wars are FAILURES OF DIPLOMACY AND HUMANITY. Nothing gets solved with war. WARS end only when waring party's realize they cannot sustain war any longer . Innocent people ALWAYS die. Still, lets NOT forget what Saddam did to the people of Iraq. Ultimately America is Humane. Thank you for your comment. Good to see people care. If more people cared maybe we could end all wars for good, and discuss/talk instead.

Iraq war : Wikileaks video : air strike in Baghdad : camera footage : Apache

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