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  1. They get so desperate and start to scream like little girls scared of the night.No wonder they loose wars, until now the USA cowards have NOT being able to win a war. they start wars but are unable to end them. Russia is the only country who Finish wars with a Victory.

  2. Hate these people who say 'I will die for my country' lol why? Will your country die for you? Did soil and grass give you orders or just the puppet masters in the background safe and sound? Wilfully putting your life at risk for a pile of dirt and people you never met or will ever know….Americans lol,any wonder why every nation hates you.try invading Russia sure or China lol..the thing about the American Dream is you need to be asleep to believe it

  3. Im not trying to sound rude but at this point the US Government is sending them to their deaths as the talis only want the US occupation gone so if the us pull the troops out the taliban will end

  4. Fuck those fucking arabs i hope they all go to hell im really thinking about joining the army so i could kill one of those rag headed terrorist fuckers

  5. I respect you soldier . But your system is wrong . You guys going to another home . And spend 5.10 years . Giving blood for no reason ? AMERICAN goverment is responsible for each and every death of u.s marine . You are going to thier home and what you are expecting ? Rocks ? No they are trying to save thier mother land like you .

  6. They got shot and killed for theyre country znd when theyre veterans they get dumped like shit. Typical usa shit. Usa will be gone in 2025. Either all non white people will start shooting cops or something. Usa used to be the promosed lAnd. It all changed since they faked 9/11.

  7. Im an arab ive been shaken mentally by my fathers death from suicide bomber and every time i see an american soldier killing an isis rat i feel alive even though im not american im still proud to say thank you for your service you fearless,brave,valiant men and women

    Never forget the fallen,may they rest in peace💔

  8. Bulet did get thrue level IV plate and then level IIIA soft armour..
    Bulet was to demage after that to get inside his body.
    Bulet was stoped by his bones..

    No life danger..


  9. I will never support america in anyway in a war i will never support evil government whos A lie cheat coward under scandles cheat a low life KKK government who put soldiers under dangers just because for money power Agendas and other bullshit reasons there agendas has fucked up our country and our economy so who in thee fuck is thaa united states of America to do that judge and rule and destroy by no means and under demands the us government has put its self on the lowest level as a country American people we are the best people.god bless thee american people…..


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