Iraq War – [ Documentary ] – 2015

Inside the Iraq War
Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
Iraq war, Usa in Iraq, Documentary Iraq, War, ahtvinc
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Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
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  1. There's a lot of fawning over the veterans, but yknow if you pick up weapons and start walking around another persons country and you get shot or blown up, I don't have a whole lot of sympathy. Ask yourself, would you do the same? Imagine if China invaded your backyard? I know I'd be shooting at them and planting bombs.
    You might tell yourself that it was just or that you had good reasons, but you're deceiving yourself. They use the propaganda of patriotism to trick people into this situation, but the actual reasons nations like America go to war are murky, politically motivated and usually it just comes down to making money for the military industrial complex.
    Boycott the military and DON'T enlist until america actually needs defending. Bombing the shit out of a country half way around the world isn't defending America. It's playing geopolitics with human lives.

  2. Amazing how many people are willing to let the world know just how limited their scope of the world and politics really is. My belief it's that it was truly never about WMD, but by going into Iraq and beating their armed forces….again, and by topeling and eventually killing Saddam and his two sons, that this showed any other countries that this could happen to them. It was also a very evident way of showing the world that if more attacks like 911 happened, that the US would retaliate. Of course we didn't attack Saudi Arabia where most of the attackers where, but the US has a "good" relationship with that kingdom….again, politics. I have also notices that those who make impulsive and mainly ignorant statements like the few below, have never served and much less fought in a war for their country. They are always safe and sound working 9 to 5 jobs.

  3. Just for the sake of accuracy, we went to was with Iraq because Sadam would not let the UN inspect the country for weapons. Though none were found, Iraqi leadership sure acted shady about it at the time and it's entirely possible the two weeks or so that they were able to push off the inspection/war may very well have bought them time to hide whatever they might have had.

  4. Before the time-warp of Trump-world there was the Bush administration and its 935 lies easily sold to an ignorant American public in 2002 and 2003 and beyond till reality could no longer be denied around 2006-2007.

  5. Dictator… Alleged WMD'S, mass murder… Threats to other nations… We INVADED…. Twice!… North Korea does all that above.. We sanction the country…. I think now it was more than a crazy dictator… It was about oil… Now we have isis form this mess… Is this also a lesson learnt why we haven't invaded north korea.. 🤔🤔🤔

  6. This is what happens when there is no balance of power in the world, America attacks a sovereign country Iraq without United Nation mandate and the American people sit back and enjoy the war from the comfort of their homes sipping warm tea, The genocide could've been prevented, but the poor Americans just needed a false attack on united states and their are ready to let their government murder over a million people,. Destroy the country's history and devastate a generation of young Iraqi kids and their families. We all know the WMD turned out to be false, over 4500 us military personnel died and YET! we see a documentary like this. Do they really think we people of other nations don't see pass these documentaries? Not see the rise of ISIS and the devastation to the country following that? I'm thankful to see Russia trying to put an END to US illegal invasion of third world countries. I hope one day the american people come to their senses.

  7. Now everyone knows had this invasion under a false pretext was not waged, today there will be no Al Qaeda, no IS, no strengthened Hamas and almost obliterated Taliban and Saddam would have been an ally of the West to wage the war on terror. Today after all this still the lesson is not learned- they are after Syria and yet ignores China the state sponsor of terror through, DPRK, Iran and Pakistan.

  8. now a days all Muslim are a big problem for world.i request to the all big armies pls varnish their entire fucking societies. i hate muslims they are nothing but a big stigma for our society

Iraq War – [ Documentary ] – 2015

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