Iraq war remembered: inside the surge with US troops

This report was first broadcast on 12 July 2007

It is the experience of the US troops which is turning American opinion against the conflict in Iraq.

Channel 4 News gained an unprecedented insight into the dangers they face each day.

Guardian photographer Sean Smith spent two months with US troops, following soldiers taking part in the surge and trying to contain the insurgency.

The US administration claim the extra troops have brought some stability to Baghdad, but the city remains divided between Sunni and Shia communities. As a cameraman and stills photographer, his is an impressionistic view of war.


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  1. all these years later…. guys who posted this??? I was there. I was at JSS shilak (82nd ABN) we QRF'd out to that. so crazy to see this footage. I Remember we responded to when cop Callahan was being heavily attacked too. we put up the adimiya wall… well guarded the engineers. blew up the vbied (white suburban) I actually pulled it out of the driveway with my Humvee. countless patrols countless searches. countless lives gone

Iraq war remembered: inside the surge with US troops

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