Mosul Offensive: Operation to seize Iraqi city underway (Streamed footage)


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  3. once nato settles there, They will never get out of there. just like in afghanistan. So called threads might be gone but there will be another one. it's typical middle east. that's their fate. either living under tough regimes or War.

  4. seriously? with all us tanks and ALL and they can't even drive em??? What a friggin screw job! BOMB THEM NOW ! They are too stupid to be on our side! They are Obama's army! screw them and HIM! Praise and Glory to God the Father and lord Jesus Christ!

  5. You are now witnessing the evacuation of ISIS to Aleppo. Here, all the brainwashed Americans will cheer for a phony, fabricated victory against an enemy that doesn't exist while their politicians drive them closer and closer to nuclear war with the vicious Ruskie bear. Now, for your entertainment, meaningless bloodshed… Enjoy! 😀 😀 😀

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Mosul Offensive: Operation to seize Iraqi city underway (Streamed footage)

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