The Story From Fallujah Covered Up By The US

Shoot the Messenger, 2005: How one journalist’s footage from Fallujah in the Iraq War caused a firestorm over acceptable rules of combat

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The horrific shooting of an unarmed wounded Iraqi in a mosque shocked the world. But what really happened that day was never publicised. This exclusive report reveals the true story.

“I knew I had filmed something that has been captured on camera very few times in war,” states NBC reporter Kevin Sites. His footage of a marine shooting a wounded combatant was so shocking that most American audiences didn’t even get to see it. NBC released only a single black and white still. But even worse than the shooting, Sites alleges that four other wounded men were also killed in cold blood that day at the mosque. “These men were definitely shot again, freshly shot, after having been wounded the day before.” The killing of the other insurgents was largely ignored by the media at the time. With the war such a hot political issue in America, the press is reluctant to criticise the actions of its own soldiers. In the original NBC report, Sites went to great lengths to justify the marine’s actions. But while the soldier involved was cleared of any wrong doing, Sites himself came under attack for releasing the footage. “I received thousands of hate mails and death threats saying I was a traitor.” The real issue of acceptable rules of combat seems to have been lost in the rush to discredit Sites.

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  1. A rhetorical question for all the Us citizens seing this:( if u don't know what's rhetorical use a dictionary): Now you know why the Europeans, asians Africans etc( i.e. Earth) hate and despise you all??!!!Do you understand? or you have to see the videos where you cannot point any country at the map, neither can't tell how many sides a triangle has nor you know where my country is located?
    for this and these questions I'll get hate mail but you know that whoever sends it, is showing the frustration and how ridiculously you are presented to the world. and as Trump said of course there aren't all "bad hombres"( this is Spanish) but well: what you see it's what you get"
    Ps if my spelling grammar or syntax it's bad I'm sorry. but at least I understand 4 languages ​​besides mine and I speak 2 and you?…. cheers and peace for all of you. I cannot hate because I believe in karma but these scenes here are so f** stupid and horrendous that I m like" shell shocked"

  2. If he did kill just for the sake of killing, you people need to realize, when you lose friends and see people you care about die to a group, if someone in that group is around, you'll likely lash out at them

  3. The taliban and alquaeda will hide grenades and pistols in their clothes then if they get shot set off the grenades when our medics come to treat them, they likely did shoot at the Marines with pistols and then hide them, however, I believe it should be looked over again, if they were confirmed unarmed then this should get them court martial, just like it did the guy who killed around 40 innocent civilians just because he felt like it.

  4. In a war that had women and kids did throwing grenades and shooting rpg's….too bad. They did those men a solid. The only things my worse than living in Fallujah is living in Fallujah with battle wounds.

  5. If you tried to kill me or my fellow soldier the last thing I will do is offer to help you so you can be released and try and kill me again. Oh lets wonder what they would do to an american soldier if caught . Beheaded, drug through the streets and hung by there privates. War is ugly, hate is easy to come by when their trying to kill you , very hard to explain to someone who has never been shot at. I also do not believe for one second a reporter from MSNBC didn't have a leftist agenda to start with.

  6. It's easy for people back home to sit there and judge that Marine for his actions when they weren't stuck fighting for days with little sleep, seeing fellow Marines get wounded or killed and being shot at for much of the time. If you want to fucking judge, then you put yourself in that situation; if NOT then you don't fucking rate!

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't these same Muslims hate Christians and if you do not agree with their ideology they will burn you alive, cut your head off with a dull blade while you are alive and torture you. Not only the men but women and children as well? I'm not saying what these soldiers did was acceptable but atleast they killed them with a little dignity by putting a bullet in their head and not carrying out inhumane torture as these Muslims would have carried out if the tables were turned. This is War and there is nothing glamorous about it but Muslims are Savages to the fullest extent…

  8. As medically retired US marine, having served during Vietnam and yes having been in Iraq in 2010 and Afghanistan in 2012. I am a proud to have served my nation when needed. As a leader of men I am not proud of this. We do not kill the wounded, we do not kill unarmed wounded it is a violation of the Law of Armed Conflict and a good leader knows this. The motto of a marine Corps officer is Ductos Exemplo, or lead by example. This is not the example I lead from.

  9. Any one of you pussy liberal motherfuckers that have a problem with killing the ENEMY needs to spend some time with them. I would bet you any goddamn thing your fucking opinion would change. Fucking wannabe humanitarians. This is war! These bastards were trying to kill Americans. He got lucky they only shot him. I would have taken a machete to the motherfucker.

The Story From Fallujah Covered Up By The US

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