Egyptian Citizens Rushing ISIS Shooter During Terror Attack in Egypt

Video footage published to twitter shows Egyptian citizens or one would might say a angry Egyptian mob rushing a wounded ISIS shooter during an terror attack in Egypt.

The ISIS gunmen was just wounded by security forces when a brave Egyptian citizen made the first step by trying to disarm the gunman what was soon followed by a horde of Egyptian citizens following the attempt and taking down the ISIS member.

Credits: Twitter @boda_redaM

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  1. I am an Egyptian Muslim and I just wanted to point out that the guys rushing the terrorist are all Muslims, even the guy holding the camera is shouting allah akbar as they are tearing him apart, says a lot to everybody who believes all Muslims are terrorists or condoning of terrorism, doesn't it? We Muslims are like 99% regular people and 1 % asshole terrorists, hope people figure that out!

  2. Good job Egypt! Now all you have to do is weed out the rest of the warped scum !! that is tearing our Beautiful world apart. For No apparent reason. ! Praise to the Brave soul who firstly confronted the armed wielding retarded misfit.

  3. Great job Egyptians for your braveness all the folks that rushed that coward are truly hero everybody is tough with a gun but you guys did it with out one God bless you, all isis should be iradicated from this Earth being monsters does not mean ur a Muslim I'm white and there are many great Muslims I understand that some Muslims feel opperessed and in some situations they are but cutting off heads and killing innocent ppl does not make it ok the world is not fair life is not fair but that doesn't mean u got the right kill innocent people because u feel opperessed even tho it may seem like that's the only way to be heard you need to act as you God /Allah whatever you pray to would want you to ……….peace too all religion's hopefully we can someday find a mutual ground stand on peace on Earth hope that everyone one can get along at some point no one else needs to die it's January 1st 2018 hopefully all ppl with hatred in there hearts can find a way to come to an understanding with their enemies life is what is granted to us by our God Jesus /Allah/ buddha what ever holy figure you pray to peace and love to all may we find a happy medium in 2018 enough of the killing and nonsense ……………happy new year to all faiths

  4. So just a little remark : ISIS with all their brutality are still a pretty well organised groups so what an ISIS fighter doing standing alone in the middle of the street in an area that is still a war zone ?! this is not an ISIS heaven like Al-Mousel used to be for ISIS fighters to freely roam the streets. There is something not right here.

    But still I hope you westerns who always accuse all of us Muslims of being terrorists and of supporting terrorism learn something from that footage, from the way how it seems that everyone in the city gathered to take a beat on the one who in their eyes is nothing but a criminal nevertheless what he claims his cause to be that is a minimized scene of how ISIS is in the eyes of the entire Islamic world.

  5. One act of courage, and the people take action. Good on the first man for seizing the opportunity to end this. Good on the people for helping. I turned a gun around onto someone once who had me at gunpoint. A tiny bit of courage wrose up in me. Call it dumb but I owe my life to it. This is all it takes. Trust your gut, it only wants you to survive.

  6. The terrorist operation is a failure because it killed the men of protection only and could not break into the gate of the church was under the influence of anesthetic or something made him not know where to go and was with another person was arrested over a house
    If he stormed the church, it would be a disaster

Egyptian Citizens Rushing ISIS Shooter During Terror Attack in Egypt

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