Face to Face Combat in Iraq (..You’ll Feel Like a Soldier!)

http://YouTube.com/WarEscenes Literally this is a “face to face” combat, and this video will just give you a better perspective what soldiers feel when they have their enemies in front of them..


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  1. any TRUE AMERICAN would disagree with that person but would appreciate the fact that they live in a country where they can talk freely. they wouldn't try to crush dissent like a tyranny

  2. I love how the liberals call us brainwashed, when they all worship idiots like Michael Moore and all the crap they put out. If you ask me they are the brain washed ones. People don't think anymore,. Loose Change was stupid. And we found plenty of evidence of WMDs.

    Not to mention the fact that Saddam tried to kill off the Kurds, I think that genocide is one of many good reasons to remove someone from power by force.

  3. Australia is bigger then America 0.0
    the first country to support America in invading the Middle East was Australia, followed by the U.K and Canada, we are hardly "Hiding" from the rest of the world…

Face to Face Combat in Iraq (..You’ll Feel Like a Soldier!)

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