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  1. Fuck Iraq, as an Iraq war vet all I see is a country too cowardly to fight off fucking terrorists in its borders. The whole fucking place is not worth the price of even one of my brothers who perished in that fucking asshole of the world. Gimme the launch codes and the keys and I would fix everyones problem in a heartbeat!!

  2. I have upmost respect for all our troops risking their lives for our country. Someday I wish to do the same but for now I can only support the amazing work of our troops. 👊🏼👍🏼🇬🇧

  3. war is not fun i was out there u little prick and lost alot of good brothers from my regiment 2 Para so i ask u this question …. come fight me and see who wins and if i do u will take this video down for good???… i served for little pricks like you for your freedoms just to post shit like this on youtube from your bedroom jerking off to the latest porn star on the internet so if u think u r a man come face me???    

  4. why are calling about a war that happened around 70years ago, americans did fuck all, we really didnt need you lol you lot lost more men than europeans did even you came late. Eventually we would of won etheir way. American on history education tells aload of crap so you can get all the credit. Americans did help us fianially though because our banks were bombed to fuck. Americans were a helping hand for extra power to crush the nazis quicker.

  5. Who is this guy Thechadley1000. Its the Americans that came at the end of the WWII and took the bigger bite in the pie. He better get his facts right. It is because of the Americans we are still paying the price… The thing is Americans approach a war with business like attitude…. But the British Army. We fight with our heart…. If our bullets don't kill you then our sharp teeth will….

  6. the war ant funny 2 of my m8 r dead because of it i am missing my son because of it and i am have had to kill because of it so the next time u say war is funny think of this m8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq War Music Video British Army

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