Combat footage: British Marines Ambushed on Afghanistan

British Marines ambushed in Sangin Valley – Helmand province also known as Death Valley. For more combat videos visit my channel, subscribers are appreciated.


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  1. We might sell smack but at least we don't leave creepy pervert comments on 16 year old girl videos…….Do we you sad little perv.


  2. The Afghan trade in opiates (92 percent of total World production of opiates) constitutes a large share of the worldwide annual turnover of narcotics, which was estimated by the United Nations to be of the order of $400-500 billion.

    (Douglas Keh, Drug Money in a Changing World, Technical document No. 4, 1998, Vienna UNDCP, p. 4. See also United Nations Drug Control Program, Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 1999, E/INCB/1999/1 United Nations, Vienna 1999, p. 49-51

  3. jaguar and land rover are owned by an indian. every grocery shop on the high street in london is owned by an indian which i might add becomes discriminating as they only hire indians. gp's, lawyers and important positions are flodded with indians taking money which is then only spent in the indian community. this is perverting the UK economy which is in enough trouble. india has a space program yet receive large amounts of charity from the UK every year. i think the germans were proved wrong.uwi

  4. Afghanistan has enough proven oil reserves (2 bn bbl) to keep the world's lights on for a couple of days at most. They may have a fair bit of lithium (exact reserves unknown), but countries like Chile and China can already supply the world's needs for the next few centuries. Afghanistan has rocks, desert and opium.

  5. Im confused by your comment. its a Co-allition force AKA NATO. We have sent in soldiers, marines, sailors and pilots from our armed forces to Afghanistan and Iraw to clean up the mess that has been made. Our marines are normally amphibiously based on Royal Navy Amphib Assault ships but due to the severity of the conflict occuring there, they have drafted in the marines to assist in the ground combat side of things. Sailors are there due to their EOD Expertise's and Pilots do without saying.

  6. @CrazyComputerGuy1. Its our fight too. They bombed our transport system in london in 2005 and they killed 61 british citizens on 9/11. We assist you to help keep our country and queen safe from terror.

  7. right explain to me how we will mine then export this supposed 1 trillion$ worth of minerals? from a country with zero infrastructure with huge areas of lawless & inaccesible territory, it would actually be more expensive than if we in the west just sourced it from Canada, south america or even africa, all of which have the same large deposits, also explain the logic of waging a war that costs tens of trillions to secure a possible 1 trillion in revenue? this war is geo political !

  8. nothing to take ? do you mean like the $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits found by the USA since landing ? or the fact that almost all of the worlds opium comes from afgan fields ?

  9. and we simply push one button and the offending country is wiped off the map.
    bullshit mate, we are there to rape the land of it's natural resources.
    pure and simple.

  10. well ok, then where is the direct threat against the security of the UK ?

    basically, can you give legal or lawful justification for these acts of murder ?

  11. Regardless of whether it works or not, I was asking why they didn't have if?! Special unit or something.. and don't kid yourself Paul, are you telling me a susat is better than a trijicon.. I think not

  12. because the land warrior bullshit doesnt work, the susat was a good sight to have. we are not ameicans and carry round more equipment than we need to do the job, plus this vid is quite old now because we havnt used the susat in years

  13. Why are they patrolling in the open instead of using cover or at night. They are sitting ducks bimbling across an open ground, I thought field marshall Haigs ideas died years ago or have we forgotten cam and concealment. No its the generals getting the grunts to draw out the enemy even if it means taking casualties. Every video seems to be the same and predictable "they're firing sir, they're firing" its like a sketch from Black Adder goes forth. These soldiers deserve better. Rant over.

  14. I have a son currntly training as a Junior Soldier at Harrogate Military school in the UK and watching this video from 1.05 really brings home his future duties….i love the control from the corporal/sgt who you can clearly hear…..My son dreds his corporals but this video clearly shows that ojne day they could save his life…..good job to all our serving boys…..god be with them all…..

Combat footage: British Marines Ambushed on Afghanistan

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