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  1. muddafuckas these ain't no fake ass sunnis who kill innocent people and run away as soon as they realize a little resistance. these are SHI'A LIONS! they'll never sell themselves to the west like fake ass sunnis. shi'a don't give a fuck who you are. they kill each and every one of you.

  2. Why aren't they taking a knee while not moving? Whatever happened to combat posture? And shooting while standing with no cover? Ridiculous.

  3. Im in the military, ill say this one thing that shows how stubborn the nations are,they told me to go claim iraq for the better of my country,so I went over, done a few ops and realised I had shot civilians,now if you dont think thats sick or messed up,go fall in a well and drown, these wars are on civilians and innocent countries who have done nothing, if only others realised its 2 war crimes…I ask to leave and they nearly shot me for deserting…

  4. ive been training for a year and will be for the next 2, i workout 2 times a day, ride my bike to school and back home (5 miles there and back) go the the gym after cross country practice and have been on a paleo diet. and this faggot just plays videogames. this is why i want to join marines because they get people who are a bit more dedicated. however, becoming part of "the unit" has been a great dream of mine, but u have to keep reminding myself, take it one step at a time, and train everyday

U S Army and Iraqi Troops Take Fire in Sadr City – Combat Military Footage

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