Combat cam: Iraqi aviation annihilates ISIS convoy of 700 vehicles fleeing Fallujah

Iraq’s Ministry of Defence released footage on Wednesday which it said showed an airstrike on an Islamic State (IS) group convoy attempting to flee the city of Fallujah – READ MORE


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  1. Go Iraq! It's a relief seeing them take charge and imposing force against this degree of evil. It's strange to think that an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is beneath them (Isis). Surely they understand the terrorism they are imposing upon all nations isn't inoffensive, and that advanced civilizations will not simply allow pillaging and chaos to go unpunished? It doesn't matter what religion you are or what is taught. This is merely the laws of civility on a geopolitical level.

  2. First off, this same footage was on another video stating US military gunships and everyone said it was fake. Now since it is stating iraqi, an American ally and American made government 2003-2006 everybody, they say it was real and no thanks to Americans. I say it is a bunch of nitpicking hatred towards the US. Someone else stated Russia has done more in Iraq than the US funny because if I recall NATO was the only single foreign power in Iraq not Russia and thanks to the US not Russia since 2014 when ISIS had control of 80% of the region to 2017 as US forces pushed back into Iraq, ISIS went down to 5%. You can say but ISIS was developed by the US so it doesn't count. ISIS was formed from the remnants of Al-qeada which was a terrorist group before anyways. Most terrorist supporters and subsequent terrorist affiliates are brainwashed Muslims whom were spewed anti-western propaganda from their own government. Why the hell would the US government have any use in developing terrorist organizations with unbridled hatred towards Western ideals, that attacks our allies, and creates problems for our own forces in the region. Yeah when you put it like that it sound outrageous and conspiracy theory like doesn't it. Because it makes absolutely no sense for us to do that.

Combat cam: Iraqi aviation annihilates ISIS convoy of 700 vehicles fleeing Fallujah

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