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  1. Any youtube commenters that have happened to be in any form of the military, I want to thank you. I have known a few service members that served in afghanistan and Iraq, one was 46 the other was about to turn twenty, the younger got killed in along with 4 of his platoon members. I never got to thank him, so anyway, THANK ALL OF YOU FOR PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR THOSE OF US BACK IN THE STATES! and i know, im certain, all of us arent worth half of you guys. thank you.

  2. Man, that city got so destroyed. I kind of feel bad, but those people are so hard to work with. After about 2 months of getting attacked when you are trying to help you start thinking: "You know what? I have the means to really fuck some shit up with the amount of ordinance I have"

  3. I was there in 2005 when OP H and the surrounding neighborhood got all messed up from a series of VBIEDs. I was in the USMC however on the other side of town on patrol and we had to roll over there to provide security. It was a couple months before OP 295 near the Govn't center got destroyed and had to be abandoned by a truck bomb.

Ramadi Combat Footage

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