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  1. someone clarify for me…turkey is in the united nations and the u.s. is in the united nations but turkey is fighting the ypg calling them terrorists and the u.s. is supporting the kurds and the ypg, while saying they are fighting terrorists??? what the hell is going on over there?

  2. The US better keep supporting the SDF and other Kurdish groups. Especially with the airstrikes. We should kick Turkey out of NATO. They should be replaced with a Kurdish state that could replace the intelligence problem that we would gain with ending our relationship with Turkey. The Kurdish people are a way better option than Turkey, and the people who say a Kurdish state would just be a second Israel are wrong. The Kurds deserve their own nation. Does anyone know the chances of Iraq letting the northern Kurdish provenance split away?

  3. I hope you and the Kurds the best in your fight against Turkey and their terrorists. Turkey has not been doing a good job lately of getting people to like them. It seems every nation and most of it’s people hate Turkey right now.

Combat footage YPG 2017/2018 against ISIS

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