2006 Iraq War: Ramadi, US Military & Iraqi Army H2083-04 | Footage Farm

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[2006 – Color, Iraq War: Ramadi, US Military & Iraqi Army Soldiers in Joint Operation. 06Jun06]
POV w/ Marines walking along road; others crossing intersection in front in early morning. Iraq soldiers walking along concrete wall (dog barking).
14:58:03 Soldiers w/ automatic pointed.
14:58:12 MS Iraqi officer in street giving orders to soldiers behind; MCU, soldiers moving ahead, watching near large parked truck trailer. Move up residential street.
14:59:03 Iraqi officer giving directions & moving on w/ soldiers into house / yard opposite trailer.
14:59:21 MCU Iraqi officer giving directions, soldiers w/ weapons pointed.
14:59:47 CUs US soldier talking on headset microphone: “I am in house 9 in zone 31 just across from ? mosque…”
15:00:22 MS Iraq soldier w/ weapon thru remains of window in brick wall.
15:00:41 CU US soldier in house 9 talking on radio phone. Fighting from behind wall; troops break out & run across road.
15:01:28 Officer reports in from building 6 zone 31 rooftop near stadium “taking small arms fire”. Earlier officer calls in for help; troops run forward along sides of street. CUs aiming automatic rifle.
15:02:59 High angle of troops at base of building under construction.
15:03:15 Calling in from building 8 zone 27 w/ Iraqi & coalition forces. MCU. Crossing road w/ heavy yellow flares.; running along walls. Green & red flares burning in street.
15:04:08 Troops walking in street towards camera; camera follows troops.
Street Fighting; Patrolling;
NOTE: Ramadi was under US military occupation 2003 to 2011. Open conflict in 2004 & 2006.
NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.
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2006 Iraq War: Ramadi, US Military & Iraqi Army H2083-04 | Footage Farm

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