US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces (REAL COMBAT FOOTAGE)

US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces conduct a combat operation inside Sadr city, Baghdad in order to capture known insurgents and terrorists. The operation was conducted on an undisclosed date/time in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. US Army video by: SSG Ryan C. Creel

5/23/09: 666 views 🙁


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  1. You can support the troops, without supporting the war they're fighting. 'Patriotism' doesn't translate into unquestioningly supporting every single stupid war we get into… That said, I have nothing but the utmost respect for American troops. I just resent the whole shitty 'you're a leftist hippy for not supporting the war' argument that always springs up on videos like this.

  2. I hate how people are blaming all moslems for the war thats going on right now, seriously most muslims deny violence, also they are forced to hate since they have no other options, either do what the man says or be killed

  3. @matthewthehighlander

    Dude so do I, and watching these videos I really respect the men who are willing. I guess what should have said is I don't think that I would have it in me to enlist.

    Come home safe solders!

  4. @XxXCaDeCXxX Yeah but do you not use petroleum products to power your car and heat your house besides do some research saddam was not a very good guy he gassed 10s of thousands of his own people.

US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces (REAL COMBAT FOOTAGE)

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