Actual Footage of Desert Storm’s First Apache Strikes

To clear the way for the first airstrikes of the Gulf War, eight Apache helicopters had to covertly destroy Iraqi radar sites. This is a first-hand view of how their mission went down.

From: AIR WARRIORS: Apache


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  1. An interesting fact about this mission is that the Apaches were not equipped with precision navigation systems and there were serious concerns that they would get lost on the way to their targets (2x radar sites).

    So they took some recently GPS upgraded MH-53 Pave Low helicopters to guide the Apaches. The Pave Lows flew in front with the Apaches following them up to something like 10 miles from the targets.

    From there, the Apaches split into two groups. Each group flew to its target and destroyed the two radar sites. They had to do this right on time as there was a HUGE number of coalition aircraft already airborne and on its way to Bagdad through the radar "hole".

    As they say, the rest is history!

  2. No mention of the 160th SOAR Pave Low's that lead the Apaches to the target, and then stood back while they did their work ready to rescue any downed aircraft 🙁 Without them the mission wouldn't have been approved by Stormin Norman.

  3. i know an barracks rat that takes credit for what the combat troops did in desert storm.we call it squaw because the punk will never be a man its the engineer at embassy suites in down town omaha a bitch of the highest quality the first in the air raid shelter and the last to leave a grease monkey sissy named crissy .the only honor or glory its got is from little girls and the American combat personell that actually did their duty with honor its punks like crissy that make me sic.God bless America and the men and women that serve out country

  4. They raped innocent women and children. Stole what wasn't their own. They got what was coming to them. Kuwait was a soveign nation. End of story.

  5. they think they're heroes because they killed and betrayed a retreating army returning back to iraq? usa would never do this face to face, they always sneak like snakes to do this horrible stuff.

  6. The first apache strikes. Not the first strikes. 😉 Apaches are badaas, especially with a full payload! 😱. ALL the pilots/crew/controllers had very bad conditions and glitchy technology to contend with. They all did a spectacular job given these facts. Anyone who thinks they were cake walking in this theater is an empty headed idiot not fit to tie their own shoes.

  7. Nice video, but it completely ignores the fact that the Apache would not have been able to complete that mission without the help of Air Force Special Operations helicopters leading the way in.

Actual Footage of Desert Storm’s First Apache Strikes

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