US Army Ambushed + Firefight IRAQ

IRAQ war 2008 clip US army in iraq insurgency attacks clip guerrilla warfare insurgents wasted gunship action hellfire missile takes out terrorists apache kills 30mm terrorists al qaeda insurgents cut up lit up cannon UAV predator airstrike insurgents taken out AH 64 takes out insurgents killed by us military marines marine corps warfare firefight engage clash ac-130 50 cal. 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion recon echo 1st plt 2/7 2/2 boeing 101st airborne 3rd company AH-64 apache 2000 pound jdam us military multiple air strikes apache attack helicopter gunship gun run afghanistan taliban nato soldiers kabul marine sniper .50 cal fighting taliban in helmand uk troops canadian troops soldiers operation militants ambush takes out insurgent vehicle with hellfire missile in iraq AH-64 engage insurgent car with hellfire missile in vicinity hawijah guns gunfight gunfire weapons bullets ammunition sniper round rifle caliber m6 machine gun US air force predator UAV apache airtrikes airstrike in iraq night attack air strike on insurgents american military insurgents meet their virgins 30mm & hellfire killed by marine marines kill insurgents marines kicking insurgent ass apache attack f 16 strikes insurgents ah 64 engage insurgents engaged al qaeda marine corps 500 pound jdam dropped USMC boot camp echo operation 1st battalion 3rd regiment 30th combat team brigade rangers infantry division foot patrol bravo company mission 500lb JDAM kills IRAQ 2008 clip US american air force military northern alliance insurgent getting owned by his own RPG mortar backfires on insurgents face stupid dumbdass terrorist nearly kills everyone around him with an ak-47 stupid insurgent kills everyone around him firing rpg haji dead special forces shot down apache helicopter hellfire us navy seals british sas special forces green berets airborne elite swat shooting rpg american soldiers boot camp semper fi oorah 2nd regime 1st platoon kilo company 31st airborne us military army 50 cal. A-10 insurgents death insurgents dead marines kill terrorists air strike on insurgents terrorist A 10 semper fidelis resistance jihad mujahideen iraqi resistance juba sniper shot guns bullets rounds gunfire gunshots gunfight firefight fighter c-4 vbied explosion insurgent roadside bomb carbomb vbied ied explosive mines suicide attacks usa soldier dead afghanistan taliban m1a1 abrams tank A10 helicopter pakistan iran nuclear program weapons nuke america ambusher Iraq War Jihad Mujahideen Firefight Ambush IED VBIED AlQaeda ISI IAI Islamic state of iraq IRAQ IED Bush AMERICAN Tank Resistance USA guerrilla warfare Iraq USMC ambush ied vbied attack alqaeda terrorist isi iai jami jaami sunni wahabi salafi jihad mujahideen best attacks intahar saldırıları IRAK mine bombs tank big bang granede explosives jihad and best jihad resistance death us marines 1st battallion echo operation thunder storm desert storm 500 Pound Bomb JDAM Dropped Insurgent Sniper Position Iraq Insurgent Sniper Killed While Trying to Escape haji War Sniper US Military F16 smart bomb Insurgent owned killed UAV Predator drone aircraft terrorist missile jet oif Insurgents Getting Wasted Compilation apache insurgent deaths iraq insurgents rpg hellfire uav predator IED 30mm ogrish x-ray dog war military oif battle US Marines Engage Insurgents Planting IED in jdam US Marines USMC Airstrike Bomb Iraq Combat Battle Firefight War Military OIF insurgents get owned wasted terrorists pwnd Attack Helicopters kill insurgents in Baghdad Apache Attack Helicopter Destroys Insurgents Army rpg Baghdad alqaeda Explosion War military combat terrorist insurgents firefight battle operation freedom bombing Two Apaches take out truck full of insurgents iraq war AH-64 apache helicopter gun tape flir camera 30mm hellfire missile rockets insurgent insurgency truck Apache Takes Out Insurgents 30mm iraq Warning mature graphic Iraq us army battle shoot rocket missile airstrike hellfire 30mm strafe airsupport blast explosion bomb kill dead shot Mortar Team ELIMINATED Mortar group Insurgents killed dead hajis Explosion Bomb Apache Gun Tape Compilation iraq war AH-64 apache helicopter gun tape compilation insurgents 30mm hellfire missile rockets attack engagement Insurgents get smoked. Apache gun camera footage Iraq Insurgents ambush Military troops USA haji Marines Army Navy Air-Force insurgent killed owned dead apache gun tape Insurgents Die Gracefully taliban insurgents die pain military usa resistance jihad roadside bomb terrorist bombing al qaeda juba sniper firefight Truck Picking Up Insurgents Gets Blown Apart Apache army Insurgents terroristen terrorist Afghanistan Iraq terror special forces marines irak war footage US Army Apache Killing 7 Insurgents US Army OH58 Kiowa Iraq Predator Insurgents lit up killed dead hajis wasted oorah UAV Airstrike Combat Military War OIF iraq war attack aircraft OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom explosion terror terrorists military Army Marines


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  1. Fuck you terrorists suck a dick .talk shit when the guys on his 240b that shit will cut you in half and I seen it . I lumped that weapon around in 2 deployments its heavy but very effective

  2. listen here luis go back to mexico if you think that way we fought for this country and your gonna down grade me and my men and my fallin men you need a smack to your dome

  3. pinche video me recuerda cuando staba en el army en el 04-06 en iraq,y ahora tumbando cabezas tambien pero en mi 2laredozz…..saludos a todoz los de mi company sin dice cual

  4. 911 was also intense. Police and firemen DIED IN 911 but BEFORE dying they had money TAKEN OUT of their pay each week. That money went toward a pension. Since SO MANY COPS AND FIREMEN DIE BEFORE RETIREMENT AGE their pension account has an OVERAGE BECAUSE MANY DON'T LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO COLLECT ON IT. USA now calls their PENSION savings (which came from their paychecks) an ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM and they're taking that pension money away
    Hope the soldiers get better treatment

US Army Ambushed + Firefight IRAQ

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