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  1. No sire … i am not like these scum you called special forces or delta force, Seals, marines or what ever u called it … well the fact is these are just mercenaries work for petro_dollar warlords like ramsfield … just watch this and tell me what u think Honestly … /watch?v=5rXPrfnU3G0

  2. So u know about Ramadan and you know that Islam is a religion of peace … that's really impressive and i I salute your Culture … for the silly language, well i am sorry but am not and american i can speak English french Arab and Persian tho … you can't say a word in Arab french or Persian … i have a master degree in Génie des procédés … from lyon1 university in france and i can make tones of composition B here in usa easily but i will not kill one innocent man cauz i am not a terrorist.

  3. say, when i was in afganistan with my brothers mudjahideen we once captured a living delta force soldier and a journalist dont remember for what channel he was working but we sent him back to camp cauz he was making a living as a journalist so he was'int a murderer like this delta soldier who was beheaded BIG TIME by ALI jad freind of mine and we sent his head to camp trow this mortar canon, good punishment his name was Spann, Johnny Michael and i am sure they tell his family he died in ambush

  4. i haven't log in with that account its been a long time … sorry but i was planing some big ass bombing and ex soldiers kidnapping and shit like that i hope you all get the picture … thats right BITCHES i am with my afro_american brothers now planning some good SHIT … gangsters STYLE … But ass always no inocent civilians not so ever … only filty ass Zionists … military murderes … ugly REDNECKS … and stupid people … See YA In HELL MUTA FUCKERS …. P E A C E !

  5. I like how out of all of that the only word you spelled right was physics. Also. Go fuck yourself you dumb ass bitch, you're not a taliban hard ass cause you comment on a youtube video. You're a little bitch trying to look tough.

  6. Um excuse why come they just did not fire a nade or throw a frag in to the location of the enemy fire? it seems very simple a few m203's there death shock and awe etc? i'm sorry but it just seems kinda…. idiotic to sit around waiting but much respect to our boys in girls fighting over there.

Close Combat in Iraq

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