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  1. @BarbaricLeperchaun I don't need a spelling bee to realize those morons are using the building as a shield while they are trying to kill my brothers. The minute they fired one round of ammunition out of the building, the building became fair game. They shouldn't have brought it in to play. Oh, and by the looks of your name you are probably a supporter of another terrorist organization, the IRA(or should I say mob).

  2. @shiftjeenyus im not talking about army men and ladys when i say think 1 more time 🙂 im thinking of those govermenting 🙂 …offcause army people have to be ready for anything, navy man myself:)

  3. @Entity005 ya I hear ya. But I do t agree. U know what u sign up for when u join the army. I hate all the these people that join then bitch. If u join don't bitch, u better love war because you are trained killers. U better love the shit or don't join up

  4. @shiftjeenyus ah good 🙂 …and good that they dont stop thise videos because of censorship.. big improvment… meybee now that we can see everything(almost) that happens.. meybee more think 1 more time before they want to go to war (not thinking about wars that are last resort to remove some crasy dictator,,,that will happen more and more in the future and are an evil nessesasary) prolly bad english but you get my point:)

  5. Good filming, normaly in thise videos you get a bad view because offcause the high danger have you head up in line of fire.. Hope they make telescoop cameras to the soldiers so we get a good view on future videos… (if u ask me why look at thise videos.. well information have never been a bad thing + its intressing to watch brave soldiers daily work)


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