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  1. @ETSUBobias You are some what right…But you countrys turn to be world leader was over a long time ago…Now the US is world leader and has most powerful military in the world, and it will stay that way for a long long long long long long long time. Sens the US is the most powrful and most of the worlds economy depends on the US and we have the most powerful alies, i wouldent be surpriesed if the US stayed as WORLD LEADER till the end of the world. Now STFU and suck it up.
    Long live U.S.A.!!!

  2. Well orginial we were helping them fight Russians, then they turned on us. Then they tryed to conquer the people supplying us with oil, then they attacked us. Then we went in to catch them and liberate there people.

  3. There is no good guy all the military the puppets of the illuminati should all be beheaded in public these idiots loose there life for the love of money while there leaders sit back siping wine and having a good life I hope u all die soon at the comming of the great tribulation Gods day.

  4. I hope there will be many more American soldiers killed in Iraq. I'm happy about each and every one who gets slaughtered over there. Not that I want the people to be punished, but the country itself.

american air force video_ war in iraq (great footage)

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