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  1. @NikolaiOfTheShire The US funded the Nazi war machine? We made the weapons that the Nazis used? The Germans didn't produce their own weapons? When the war ended, for your information, the US had it's largest debt relative to GDP, ever in it's history. We didn't come out richer, it's just that everyone else was poorer. The US did NOT engineer WW II. That's absurb. You can suck my balls you fucking moron.

  2. @MADMAC572 you might keep in mind that america funded the nazi war machine and even funded the nazi party into power, so suck my balls, you helped to start the war, then when europe was a wasteland you came in to pick up the pieces, and actually came out of the war with more money then when you went in! and that doesnt happen mate unless your the one giving everyone the weapons. Hate too say it but the USA are war mongerers pal, its how you make your money.

  3. @perfectchronic The invasion of Iraq was, in my mind, ill conceived. The true reason for the invasion has not yet been made clear, and the architects aren't talking. As for the "so-called" insurgents, they aren't "so-called". They are insurgents. That's what non-uniformed combatants (which is an illegal form of warfare by the way) are called. Whether or not people think it's justified or not, it's still illegal and it's still called insurgency.

  4. @NikolaiOfTheShire You might keep in mind that were it not for the USA, Nazi Germany would not have been defeated, and if it had been, most certainly western Europe would have been occupied by the Russians. When the East Germans, Hungarians and Czechs objected to this arrangement, the friendly Soviets sent in tanks to "help". Meanwhile, Australia would have been ass fucked by Japan. A little perspective is probably in order.

  5. @NikolaiOfTheShire oh shit cause youve been there and experienced it. Shit your all knowing! So all Iraqis are old people? So there's an miscalculated statement. Aks is not all they use, rpk, RPGs, pkm, ak47, ied's, mortars and a few other weapons systems. Yet another liberal swayed by liberal media.

  6. @perfectchronic exactly mate, america invaded their country for no reason at all, and then killed everyone who had an AK, labbelling them as 'insurgents'. USA wernt even fighting the Iraqi Military. They were fighting pissed off civilians, and i don't blame them. Fuck the USA. Going over their with their state of the art weaponry, fighting some old men with aks, Hope you feel tough you fucking pussies.

U.S Marines In Fallujah Iraq Raw Combat Footage

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