Iraq War US Patrols & Raids, Break Down Doors; Prisoners 250106-13 | Footage Farm

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Iraq War – Color, 200?: Patrols & Raids, Day & Night. Break Down Doors; Prisoners.]
18:42:44 Soldiers w/ 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 36th Infantry. Soldier at door calling others to “take this door” & door kicked in, then leave. Kick in another door.
18:43:19 CU hands tied w/ plastic behind backs of two captured men / prisoners.
18:43:27 Men exit Bradley & run up street to house telling men to lay down. Inside Bradley door closing.
18:43:56 Bradley along road next to soldier, turret turning, cars allowed to pass on shoulder; Bradley past camera, stops & turret turning.
18:45:03 Bradley following two soldiers up road past houses; w/ soldiers walking pointing automatic rifles (Iraqi soldiers?); gesturing to stop.
18:45:54 Bradley tanks on paved street, soldiers walking alongside; patrol in light of setting / rising sun w/ sound of Muezzin heard from mosque in distance.
18:46:56 MCU two Iraqi soldiers w/ rifles to shoulders, looking pointing. USA soldiers. Gunfire, soldiers around Bradley & moving up dirt residential street. Kids crossing street; soldier watching w/ lowered gun.
18:48:39 Turret of parked Bradley turning, nice stone building behind.
18:48:49 Int. shot, CU of soldiers. Helmet (?) night camera of soldiers crawling over wall onto roof; up stairwell. Soldier looking thru night vision camera. USA soldiers blindfolding civilian & walking him out & into Bradley vehicle.
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  1. This dirty war of money holders in America send poor youth in America's Iraq's poor for them to kill. getting their dirty American people must hold those who must provide homes and providing health insurance and jobs we are in Iraq we love the American people but we hate those murderers who Rulers of America

  2. 3.28 Dat Qari' (Quran readers) euphonic sound from the far distance in the mid of brutal warzone really get me….its so beauty nor so sad,,,,, religions waz used to make a humans life in well shipshape & in peacefuly, but there is some butt head from each religions who made up theirs own religions look so ugly, we know we juzt life shortly, so why we cant juzt spend our lifetimes to be humble & useful for each other & for our own god/ deities??….#peace

  3. you are not in your country bastards!!! go home and fuck to your moms. stop to play like soldiers with out courage!! you have not any razon to figth wars that are not yours mother fuckers!!

  4. ऐसी छूठ इंडियन आर्मी को देनी चाहिऐ साला पुरा पाकिस्तान एक दिन मे आतक वादी यो का खातमा कर देगे

  5. Judging by the gear and the iraqi uniforms I'd say this is between '06 and '08. Honestly the Iraqis should have just stuck with the chocolate chip uniforms, their current blue digis and black uniforms make no sense for the desert.

Iraq War US Patrols & Raids, Break Down Doors; Prisoners 250106-13 | Footage Farm

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