2007 – Iraq War: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 250129-01 | Footage Farm

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[2007 – Color, Iraq War: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected / MRAPs Conduct Route Clearance. 02Jun07]
Officer talking to soldiers: “Yeh, so good job getting everyone turned around so the dump truck did look a little suspicious…
18:00:46 Very large armored vehicle w/ rollers, other vehicle shots. Soldiers walking along reed-lined dirt road, backing up; soldier w/ automatic rifle looking into reeds. Large armored vehicle turning around.
18:02:21 Large truck off road in swamp / wetlands, other vehicles working to get them out. k POV on vehicles along paved road. View inside truck.
18:02:47 Three Iraqi prisoners squatting on road under gun point; one ordered to stand up, walked forward to truck, ordered to look inside truck.
18:03:38 POV inside large truck. Ext. armored truck; map on computer screen. POV out of top of armored MRAP in convoy on paved road thru wetlands/
18:04:35 Large 6-wheeled armored truck (Buffalo ?) turning off narrow road, MCU driver thru window.
18:05:56 2nd Lt. George Saenz, Charlie Company 2nd CEB Platoon Commander. Describes what happened, explains in jargon about route sweeping. “Everyone of our mission is route clearing…” tells a bit about the heavily armored vehicles & ability to deflect blasts. Explains the good qualities of Cougars & Buffaloes. Negative effect is they are so large & heavy they have no off-road capability. We are limited mostly to roads.
Government Political Propaganda; IED Patrolling; Middle East;
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2007 – Iraq War: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 250129-01 | Footage Farm

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