Combat footage: Iraqi jets bomb ISIS militants, hideouts & vehicles

A video was released by the Iraqi Defense Ministry allegedly showing Iraqi jet fighters carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State group (IS) hideouts , vehicles and personnel in Anbar Province.


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  1. Yes, the blow up empty buildings, old abandoned equipment, remote control vehicles, and some farmers.  But all those big armored columns with the big black flags and big tanks, never seem to get hit by anything.

    Military didin't have any trouble finding enemy units in Afganistan or Iraq, so what's the problem?

  2. let's shoot million dollar missiles to destroy some rusty remotely controlled vehicles with no occupants and empty makeshift "compounds"  Dumb public is so gullible…

  3. Why is everyone ibsessed with jews on rt, muzlims far outnumber jews, to suggest every single event as some meticulously managed jew conspiracy is just sheer bigotry and supporting the repulsive and far dangerous islamism cause.

  4. Good for iraq. At last someone is doing something. American forces are forbidden from bombing humans and only allowed to bomb empty buildings. They gave themselves similar stupid restrictions in vietnam to prolong the war

  5. ISIS have been winning if the USA was actually serious about winning they would have this wrapped up in a week.

    Also because of how pussy the Iraq army is im calling them more cowardly then the French, you here that Iraqi soilders the French have bigger conolies then you.

  6. These fuckers from ISIS created ,funded and trained by the CIA and Mossad will be destroyed by the proud Iraqi soldiers that do not want to be occupied by anyone not by Americans ,Jews or they puppets from Islamic state!!! Fuck Americans/Jews and their minions from ISIS!!!

  7. Fuck the American and Jewish minions like these rats from ISIS, the Americans and Jews will pay for what they did in Ukraine, Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Yemen,Libya and in many other countries that suffering now because the greedy Americans/Jews want to control other for all costs!!!

Combat footage: Iraqi jets bomb ISIS militants, hideouts & vehicles

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