2000’s – Iraq War 221755-06 | Footage Farm

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[2000’s – Color, Iraq War: US Patrolling After Riot & Training, Mosul / Karbala / Bashur Airfield]
Soldiers in street, Arabic signs on side, helicopter over. Patrol w/ Humvee w/ machine guns past overturned dumpster bin. Locals throwing rocks in direction of camera from between concrete support columns outside building.
16:53:43 MCU over shoulder of Marine w/ automatic rifle; crowd in street. Marines taking prisoners; teargas in street. Marines patrol, crowd watching from behind traffic on street.
16:54:41 POV along street past fires burning in building, civilians walking on sidewalk. Night / dusk & Arabs talking thru gate w/ military vehicles past.
16:54:59 Soldiers in position w/ cameras on helmets.
16:55:04 Title: 030614-A-1200M-001 Soldiers patrol streets of Mosul after violent protest 14Jun03. Arab talking & gesturing to soldier. Others passing on street, many overturned burned cars. Parked military vehicles.
16:55:46 Title: 030405-A-6957S-001 05Apr03 near Karbala, Iraq. Crew serve weapons test fire. Officer explaining to soldiers in front of Humvee & large gravel (?) pile that they only have a day or two to test fire weapons before going into urban areas. Firing machine gun mounted on Humvee; firing machine gun on bipod, MCUs.
16:56:38 Black
16:56:41 Flash Slate: 030401-F-97141-001 01Apr03 Defense Preparations Bashur Airfield, Iraq. MCU two soldiers w/ machine guns watching; LS line of miitary vehicles along road, soldiers move quickly. CU vehicles on road; marines carry sand bags to truck, load & drive past parked vehicles in early morning light.
16:57:36 Black.
16:57:39 MCU urban. Officer & men to vehicle, POV onto six lane highway, POV from rear seat past driver, view to machine gunner in roof opening.
16:58:06 Roadside w/ soldier & automatic rifle (?) at roadside stop.
16:58:15 Black
16:58:18 Troops around vehicles in early morning / dusk light looking at maps; night, vehicles silhouetted on patrol.
16:58:46 Black
16:58:49 Soldiers setting up on Humvees overlooking ??; MCU w/ ammunition belt for large machine gun, firing over water, shells hitting around floating target.
16:59:51 Black
16:59:53 M113 Armored personnel carrier (?) in field firing, troops out of rear (brief); MCU side view, training w/ soldiers on ground. POV from top, firing into dirt mounds.
Army; Marines (?); 2003; Military Weapons; Training;
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2000’s – Iraq War 221755-06 | Footage Farm

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