Iraq War – ( Real Footage)

This is a little review about how Bush had destroy massively Iraqi’s country. The music theme is ”Requiem for a dream” by Clint Mansell. I made it look like a movie trailer so I hope you enjoy it and, by the way, thanks for watching it.

(My apologies to Bush lovers)


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  1. ha! Liar bush? no! you as swipes have been at war with each other for 2 yrs overs sunning vs shitite. you Islamic fucks have let lslamic secs overrule God.
    SHAME ON YOU, in God's eyes your the Jews enslaved by egypt

  2. @aceaircav1 You're not defending any rights. You're following orders, telling you to go invade some foreign countries for the sake of bringing democracy to them, which they don't want (at least that's the government's justification for it), and occasionally you kill quite a few innocent people in the process.

    From what I've seen, most of you guys are just riled-up, testosterone-gorged, alpha-macho twats who are in this for the free college, the thrills, and to kill things.

  3. @Alkhemist10 Yeah, I can't believe some people just don't understand the power of America. Yeah, we may be bad in a lot of places, but that's just like any country. It's virtually impossible to invade America, and pretty damn difficult to beat us. I think you said it best, mate.

  4. @Studmaster1994 Lets add those photos, I agree. But we must also add the photos of the death. Show the photos side by side and see what you feel. Let us not forget that bodies must be dragged off the streets so Iraqis can wave their hands in celebration. War is war, the motives dont really matter when it is your child dead in the street.

  5. @aceaircav1 Communist? How is that a fact? That is a hypothetical. Soldiers fight with honor and courage but the people in suits who send them have their own motives. I took an oath and I never had to go overseas to defend it. The greatest threat to American freedom is the American government. Iraq had no navy, you cant occupy America and install sharia law or Saddam's laws without a navy to invade us. I have my 2nd amendment(kinda) and that's all I need.

  6. @zevknight i'm going to join the dutch army when i'm done with school. if anyone else is going to join the army keep it in mind that you are likely to run into this mess

  7. It´s first time that I saw a video who inclued images from both sides, US troopers and iraquies, theirs each perspectives and hopes for a better country. And later, the problems that brings an unknown group who intensify the cultural breach beetwen each country.

    Franklin Roosevelt has right!

  8. It´s first time that I saw a video who inclued images from both sides, US troopers and iraquies, theirs each perspectives and hopes for a better country. And later, the problems that brings an unknown group who intensify the cultural breach beetwen each country.

  9. 31.10.02 "Baroness Symons; it would be difficult to justify British companies losing out in Iraq in that way if the UK had itself been a conspicuous supporter of the US government throughout the crisis"
    6.11.02 "Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP is desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity."
    “ BP could not afford not to have a stake in [Iraq] for the sake of their long-term future. We're determined to get a fair slice of the action”

  10. look today at the UK newspaper “The independent”
    It shows proof of secret memos that expose the link between oil firms and the invasion of Iraq long before the invasion took place.
    As our family and friends die in 2 wars, BP and others will get very rich indeed, these are the same fuckers who polluted Florida, after sending our kids to kill and die. They have our politicians in their pockets YOU CAN NOT TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT
    read the report and weep

  11. soo many people who hate the soldiers that defend their rights. Im not here to argue just state facts. Without us you would all be comuniest weither you like it or not. If you dont stand behind your troops feel free to stand in front of us.

  12. La amenaza terrorista cayo con Sadam Hussein, el terrosismo Norteamericano se expande amenazando la paz mundial. Les Hacen creer a sus soldadosque estan salvando al mundo y liberando a la gente, pero no hacen mas que matar, esclavizar y causar dolor. El gobierno de Norte America no siente respeto ni siquiera por sus propios soldados.

  13. @1jongunz
    I am NOT/never been a Saddam supporter. My family (who were neither wealthy nor protected) has always lived their own life without interfering with any political issues. Believe it or not, most iraqi families lived like that under Saddam's time. The level of education was still very high, thats why I decided long time ago to study medicine. My english is from watching american movies and the tuition fee comes from shitload of bank loans. I'm just a normal iraqi guy at the end.

  14. @1jongunz
    See the only reason u heard abt these recent attacks against christians in iraq is because it expanded lately, finally some of the international media have adapted the crisis. But as a minority group in the iraqi society Christians have been targeted since 2003, just like any other iraqis by those extremists u are talking abt. Those people were hunted by Saddam nd thats why Iraq didnt have 1 single extreme Islamic organization at his time. Hope you get wht i mean, General Protection!

  15. @1jongunz
    I'm not an ignorant, false info propagator or any of all the other nice things you called me. I had to fly the country w/ my family after the invasion cause we are Christians, a minority group in iraq which were protected by Saddam back in the days. Maybe thats why we should be more thankful to Bush.. for getting us kicked out of our home country!!! And since you insisted asking abt my job, i must say i dont really have any1 write now. I am just a 3rd year medical student in Hungary.

  16. Second of all.. That tyrant dictator was needed to control and unite ppl of different ethnicities under one roof, the national iraqi roof. To do that you need to roll with an iron hand. You don't know the nature of the iraqi society and the diversity inside it, because you didnt grow up in it like me. You lucky bastards thinks that Democracy is such an easy concept to apply every where you want.

  17. If you anyone of you realized the truth abt that dirty war you would be spitting on anyone who says "it was for the greater good. iraqs tyrant dictator is dead". That war was for the greater good for America, not for Iraq or the iraqi ppl. Thats why the 1st and the only building the american army secured ONCE they invaded Baghdad was the Ministry of Oil, not the ministry of defense.. not a museum.. but the fcking ministry of oil.. and that was just the start.

  18. @1jongunz
    hehheee.. Its idiots like you with your amazing stupid stereotypes which make me literally feel SICK. You listen to whatever bullshit your media say and see a proud Bush on tv explaining and trying to justify his biggest mistake and you call me a liar? Liar??? Am sure you would have other words to say, if you would have visited Iraq before AND after the invasion, or at least if you kept yourself updated from some free independent media sources á la Wikileaks to realize the truth.

Iraq War – ( Real Footage)

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