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  1. so much bullshit writen in these comments lets face it none of us know shit about any of the special forces around the world if they dont want us to know about something believe me we wont know and no one say they do because they saw something on the internet or they heard it somewhere 

  2. I have not read any of the comments yet and i already know that there is probrobly a fight down there about which is better. the USA or the British. Well honesly I cant make a decision on that. The USA and British are the best countries in the world. They have the strongest military forces and the best intentions. Wether its SAS, DEVGRU, or Delta Force. We can all agree those men are the best in the world!

  3. Dude the SAS is like the most prestigious military force in the world they got all their recognition in world war 2. They have some of the finest soldiers in the world…

  4. @nenos88 No, Its a real tactic called suppressive fire. In Afghanistan they are fighting against guerilla warfare. They usually can't see the insurgents. If you look them up even the best forces in the world (like the SBS shown above) shoot in only general directions and use massive firepower or (air, artillery, armor) support to flush them out.

  5. They shoot but they don't aim at all, and there are no bullets hiting anywhere near them, so I think that this is some stupid propaganda video, made by some weekend soldiers….

SAS Combat footage

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