POV GoPro footage of ISIS fighter in Iraq attacking military outpost and getting shot

IRAQ — The leak-happy adrenalin junkies over at LiveLeak have uploaded a video showing an ISIS fighter catching a round to the dome.

The POV footage, which looks lifted out of a video game, shows a group of ISIS fighters launch a suicidal headlong charge on an Iraqi military outpost before a close quarters bullet cuts short the amateur documentarian’s career.

Our unknown cameraman and his buddies can be seen wielding AK-47s and grenades while assaulting the Iraqi position. At 0:38 you can see him gunning down a fleeing Iraqi soldier while ISIS’ music of choice blares over the video.

ISIS has in the past used video propaganda to terrifying effect. The group, which espouses a particularly aggressive brand of Salafi Jihadism that rejects Western culture, sees little irony in using slick techniques lifted right out of Hollywood to showcase the brutal effectiveness of their kamikaze soldiers.

At around 1:40, the men in the video attempt to take an occupied building – attacking it with gunfire and explosives. While trying to take cover, the cameraman is hit. A second before his death he turns and catches a glimpse of the rooftop shooter.

ISIS has made heavy gains in Syria and Iraq over the last two years, with Iraqi government forces proving ineffective in stopping their advance. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that the Iraqi Army lacked the “will to fight.”

While the United States has committed more men and material to defeating the Islamic State, their efforts have not been met with overwhelming success. At present, only Kurdish fighters and a patchwork of local militias have held against the encroaching Islamic State.


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POV GoPro footage of ISIS fighter in Iraq attacking military outpost and getting shot

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