Afghanistan War – Real Combat! French Foreign Legion, Army & Marines in Heavy Clashes

Archive Video about the French Foreign Legion, Army Soldiers & Marines in Afghanistan.
*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

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  1. Shameful…shameful Americans…to see them cursing Holy God…Name calling the ones THEY are murdering!! They fail to SEE that the ones they claim are enemy are out there, in the mountains….sleeping under the stars without blankets!!! Praying to God before EVERY action they take so that they may know they are not commits g sin!!! Only trying to defend their homeland…their people and their way of life which the kuffar american just cannot understand… Ask your self, if some foreign invaded enemy came to destroy your way of life because they did not like how you believe and how you live, then bomb your women and children….would you not fight back?
    Kuffar…shameful kafir…

  2. afganistana giden amerikan askerlerinin kiclarina afgan mucahitler coca cola şişesi soktu,korkak amerika ordanda o güçlü silahlarinizla vietnam da da oldugu gibi ÖLÜM korkusundan kaçtiniz savaşamadınız,korkaklar sadece güçsüzle karşi galip gelirsiniz siz,KATİL AMERİKA !!!!

  3. still all alies including usa are losers in afghanistan more dan 50 PERCENT area of afghanistan is under taliban control so what kind of vivtory u are celebrating fact u lost d war…

  4. Fools . First of all u must seal the Afghan pakistan border . So the no guns and amunitions could come from pakistan army n ISI to the taliban . U all are fighting infinite war that will never end . With no amunitions taliban will go weaker and can be finished easily .

  5. Смешно на вас смотреть, вояки хреновы.Где вы были когда шурави там кровь свою проливали.Кому вы помогали, от тех сейчас и пилюлей получаете. Коеты дрысливые.

  6. You can’t fight people that love to die, they are fighting for their way of life and their religion the taliban or may I say afghani are warrior nation they fought of empires it’s not enough just taking over little bit of land in Afghanistan and saying we got Afghanistan, now the western nation are running away and afghan and taliban are still there. NO ONE HAS EVER TAKEN OVER AFGHANISTAN NO ONE HAS EVER WON NO ARMY ON EARTH HAS EVER CHANGED THEM AND NO ONE WILL. They whole western world has been involved at the end they packed up with face down and left with no achievements and now taliban are in afghani politics WOW.

Afghanistan War – Real Combat! French Foreign Legion, Army & Marines in Heavy Clashes

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