Afghanistan War – US Forces in Heavy Fighting Clashes and Intense Combat Firefights with Taliban

The war in Afghanistan is the period in which the United States invaded the country after the September 11 attacks, supported initially by close allies, and eventually by the wider North Atlantic Treaty Organization, beginning in 2003. The conflict is also known as the U.S. war in Afghanistan. It followed the Afghan Civil War’s 1996–2001 phase. Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda, and to deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. Key allies supported the U.S. from the start, including the United Kingdom. In August 2003, NATO became involved as an alliance, taking the helm of the International Security Assistance Force. On 28 December 2014, NATO formally ended combat operations in Afghanistan and transferred full security responsibility to the Afghan government, via a ceremony in Kabul.
U.S. President George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden and expel al-Qaeda, bin Laden had already been wanted by the U.N. since 1999. The Taliban declined to extradite him unless given what they deemed convincing evidence of his involvement in the 9/11 attacks and ignored demands to shut down terrorist bases and hand over other terrorist suspects apart from bin Laden. The request was dismissed by the U.S. as a meaningless delaying tactic and it launched Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October 2001 with the United Kingdom. The two were later joined by other forces, including the Northern Alliance. The U.S. and its allies drove the Taliban from power and built military bases near major cities across the country. Most al-Qaeda and Taliban were not captured, escaping to neighboring Pakistan or retreating to rural or remote mountainous regions.
In December 2001, the United Nations Security Council established the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), to assist the Afghan interim authorities with securing Kabul. At the Bonn Conference in December 2001, Hamid Karzai was selected to head the Afghan Interim Administration, which after a 2002 loya jirga in Kabul became the Afghan Transitional Administration. In the popular elections of 2004, Karzai was elected president of the country, now named the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
In 2003, NATO assumed leadership of ISAF, with troops from 43 countries. NATO members provided the core of the force. One portion of U.S. forces in Afghanistan operated under NATO command; the rest remained under direct U.S. command. Taliban leader Mullah Omar reorganized the movement, and in 2003, launched an insurgency against the government and ISAF.
Though vastly outgunned and outnumbered, the Taliban insurgents, most notably the Haqqani Network and Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, have waged asymmetric warfare with guerilla raids and ambushes in the countryside, suicide attacks against urban targets and turncoat killings against coalition forces. The Taliban exploited weaknesses in the Afghan government, among the most corrupt in the world, to reassert influence across rural areas of southern and eastern Afghanistan. ISAF responded in 2006 by increasing troops for counterinsurgency operations to “clear and hold” villages and “nation building” projects to “win hearts and minds”.
While ISAF continued to battle the Taliban insurgency, fighting crossed into neighboring North-West Pakistan. In 2004, the Pakistani Army began to clash with local tribes hosting al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. The US military launched drone attacks in Pakistan to kill insurgent leaders. This resulted in the start of an insurgency in Waziristan in 2007.
On 2 May 2011, United States Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan. In May 2012, NATO leaders endorsed an exit strategy for withdrawing their forces. UN-backed peace talks have since taken place between the Afghan government and the Taliban. In May 2014, the United States announced that its combat operations would end in 2014, leaving just a small residual force in the country until the end of 2016.
As of 2015, tens of thousands of people have been killed in the war. Over 4,000 ISAF soldiers and civilian contractors as well as over 15,000 Afghan national security forces members have been killed. In October 2014, British forces handed over the last bases in Helmand to the Afghan military, officially ending their combat operations in the war.

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  2. This was a war or a joke lol hahahahah. Any single dead body of a taliban in full length of this movie? Sons of American bitches a big shit on you. Badest army ever i seen just base on weapons. I can't say that America have a brave army lol

  3. The USA has come to Afghanistan just to steal it's MINES. Otherwise it would not take so long that they stay there.
    They just making the world foul that they are fighting with TALIBAN. They have created TALIBAN and still Supporting them.
    They want to just make a reason to be in Afghanistan. USA is DEVIL.
    I am wonder why no one say anything to them even all people around the world know what is going on!!!!

  4. cmon people, if the russians coundnt do it, what makes you thing that the lame ass americans are going to take over afganistan???? they have been there for year and they stikk do not know why they are there

  5. FUCK the military. Since when was supporting the real terrorists (Americans) who destabilize entire regions, destroy countries, install corrupt regimes, and kill innocent civilians in the name of dirty stolen oil profits "spreading freedom." Their people are the least free in the world for they are the most brainwashed. Fuck your dumb ass channel too.

  6. can anyone answer me a question? those taliban ancient men, they can never travel to the US soil to rage any attack. pulling theirr only country back to the stone age is their problem. Y worth risking american lives and wasting resources to travel that far to hunt those a few of them?? I really dun undertand it so I put 'hunt ' rather than 'fight'.

  7. My name is also Tariq live in Afghanistan I really love them and I want to work with them U.S.forces but I'm waiting that day to hire me as translator oh my god please complete my ambition

  8. Oh my name it ain't nothin'
    My age it means less
    The country I come from
    Is called the Midwest
    I was taught and brought up there
    The laws to abide
    And that land that I live in
    Has God on its side

    Oh, the history books tell it
    They tell it so well
    The cavalries charged
    The Indians fell
    The cavalries charged
    The Indians died
    Oh, the country was young
    With God on its side

    The Spanish-American
    War had its day
    And the Civil War, too
    Was soon laid away
    And the names of the heroes
    I was made to memorize
    With guns in their hands
    And God on their side

    The First World War, boys
    It came and it went
    The reason for fighting
    I never did get
    But I learned to accept it
    Accept it with pride
    For you don't count the dead
    When God's on your side

    The Second World War
    Came to an end
    We forgave the Germans
    And then we were friends
    Though they murdered six million
    In the ovens they fried
    The Germans now, too
    Have God on their side

    I've learned to hate the Russians
    All through my whole life
    If another war comes
    It's them we must fight
    To hate them and fear them
    To run and to hide
    And accept it all bravely
    With God on my side

    But now we got weapons
    Of chemical dust
    If fire them, we're forced to
    Then fire, them we must
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    The words fill my head
    And fall to the floor
    That if God's on our side
    He'll stop the next war

Afghanistan War – US Forces in Heavy Fighting Clashes and Intense Combat Firefights with Taliban

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