Iraq War- 2005, Army National Guard Medic Survives Sniper Attac 250129-04 | Footage Farm

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[Iraq War – Color, 2005, Army National Guard Medic Survives Sniper Attack, 02Jun05]
National Guard member, PFC Stephen Tschiderer, Mendon, New York, Medic, E Troop, 101st Cavalry Division, 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment speaks to camera, SOF: “I live in a small town, not much happens.” Cleaning rifle intercut w/ him talking about what keeps him going: “one day closer to home, getting one day closer to getting out of here, that’s just about it.”
18:19:13 Gunner on vehicle, POV along Baghdad street / road. Cut back to Tschiderer.
18:19:24 02Jun05 Tschiderer standing beside Humvee, suddenly falls after being shot. “I’ve never been hit that hard by anything….knocked me right off my feet; everything stopped.” He gets up & runs to other side of Humvee. CU body armor that saved his life. LS of Humvee. Tells of being shown tape by his commander, then describes his unit going after the sniper & following blood trail of wounded sniper; then Tschiderer as medic treated him.
18:21:30 CU cleaning weapon.
2005; Propaganda; Military Film; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;
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  1. US Army medic, ‘71-‘91, Desert Shield/Storm veteran, disabled. What he says is absolutely correct. Been there, done that. Got the hat and matching shirt. Obviously some have never heard of the Geneva Convention.

Iraq War- 2005, Army National Guard Medic Survives Sniper Attac 250129-04 | Footage Farm

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