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  1. Yeah, I know we lost a guy 4 days before this was taken from 42nd ID, a guy from Speicher, name slipped my mind. Shitty route scary stuff, we got hit that day too but it was a dud…

  2. hey idiots. you know according to 42 ID SOP and 3rd ID SOP unless you are a SF or CA unit you were supposed to follow the rt 1 bypass around bayji and through summerall. there were over 79 casulties going through bayji, so this route was developed. and 3 of them were me and 2 of my buddies…. looks like your chain of command messed up and made you go through. how does that feel? bad intel? no… dumb leadership YES! stupid officers…

  3. We shouldnt have ever invaded on foot to begin with, fucking cluster bombs are cheaper than the lives of service members. Bring back the atomic bomb, and let them rag-heads have it, better yet give them lots of american junk cars loaded with C4 and a remote det, so we can hit the button on safe ground.

  4. I have the greatest urge to join the army .. i love shooting and fighting for my country .. but I wouldn't want to pointlessly die for one's hunger for oil..fuck Bush and the bastards who set him up to this.

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