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  1. Thanks! As an Infantry Officer of the first time we were there, it is good that that baton has been past and America will still do what it needs to do. War is fought for politics and soldiers fight it. We must always fight to protect ourselves and others against oppression. God Bless America my fellow veterans.

  2. appreciate it ….typically the people that will come and watch this are in the majority…and can talk down any idiots that have nothing better to do than instigate shit….thats why i keep em up….they usually get owned

  3. Please dont cite statistics that have been utterly discredited…that is just disrespectful…i dont mind having this debate but when you decide to manipulate facts to suit your conclusions i will just ignore you…1,000,000 is such an absurd number to try and pass off…very disrespectful…

  4. with 1,000,000 killed person they will be in better position.

    i asked clear question why did usa army come to iraq?
    it is clear one and easy one
    there is only two reason war against muslim country or war for oil
    if you find other reason i will be glad to know to change my view about usa army

    hey walahy i am a fan for usa and my dream to study in MIT there i don't hate it
    but i don't like its army cos it is the first responsible of a lot of dead people in iraq

  5. dude..of all the reasons the US military might be in Iraq….Oil…per se…is definitely not a reason. Has one oil facility been taken over by the us? no…has the US acquired the vast majority of oil contracts in iraq? no…of course not…you need to examine on your own..rather than rehash tired talking points….I cant give you a reason as to the why…its not my place….but in the long run…i have no doubt that iraq will be in a much better position than they would have been…

  6. maybe we live in third world country but we didn't go and kill people in their home and after that we say we came to fight terrorist.

    can anyone answer me why usa came to iraq?
    did saddam hussin attack usa?
    is iraq Qada guys too?

    the answer is easy they came for oil nothing else.

  7. army of murders.
    they bombed fallujah with phosphorus.
    they killed people there.
    killers murders u can say what do you want about usa army.
    the devil in the earth.

iraq combat footage: battle of the bulge to fallujah

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