ISIS gunfight footage RAW: Iraqi troops in battle for Ramadi

Iraqi troops are battling Islamic State militants in the restive city of Ramadi. They claimed to have liberated the Ramadi children’s hospital, taken 10 days ago by militants, and regained territory near government buildings.


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  1. A problem I see with these Iraqi troops is that they are out of position and wasting bullets. All of this shooting and I bet they don't have one kill. If they were trained up, they would be zeroing in on their shots instead of spraying the air with led.

  2. Why can everyone live in peace, wots the problem. Sort out the wrong and put right. Easy!!!! Too many lives has lost so act now in Jesus name. Think and act on the solution.

  3. Iraqi had more soldiers much more firepower,out numbered Isis,but again refused to fight them,they assumed Isis had hundreds of fighters,they did not.If they stand up,they could easily win these battles.We spent billions,training,arming them,SAD !!!

  4. What a fucking waste of resources, money and time. How could these people who have had there country destroyed for over 3 decades, turn around and work for these international bankster scum who have genocided millions of their children? Enough money will make men do anything

  5. It will be interesting to see if the Iraqis can hold Ramadi while making gains in the north. Tough fight ahead for them as more crazies come there every day. Good luck.

  6. ISIS bukanlah islam, hanya mengaku islam, saya dari kecil tidak pernah diajarkan bahwa umat islam itu saling membunuh, dan sekarang mau tidak mau saya harus menerima agama saya dihina oleh agama lain karena adanya teroris yg mengaku islam
    ISIS adalah buatan Amerika, Hillary Clinton adalah pencetusnya karena dia benci umat islam dan dia juga pernah mengaku sendiri, bahkan banyak ulama dari berbagai negara mengatakan bahwa ISIS itu buatan amerika yg sengaja menjelek jelekkan islam, dan sekarang Hillary Clinton mencalonkan diri sebagai presiden pengganti Barrack Obama, mau jadi apa umat islam di dunia ini nantinya?? apakah semakin parah?? ataukah malah dipuji?? kita tidak tau
    Begitu banyak umat islam yg dibantai oleh umat kristen di berbagai negara termasuk indonesia sendiri, di Filipina umat islam dibantai oleh umat buddha, dan masih banyak lagi, tp kenapa itu semua tidak terekspose?
    ini semakin menguatkan bahwa amerika berusaha merusak citra umat muslim yg cinta damai menjadi sadis, brutal, suka membunuh, dll
    wahai semua saudaraku yg ber agama lain, ISIS bukanlah islam, tidak ada agama yg mengajarkan kebrutalan, semua agama pasti mengajarkan kebaikan, percayalah bahwa islam itu adalah agama yg indah seperti agama kalian yg kalian yakini
    buat saudaraku yg seiman, janganlah suka menghina agama lain karena ibadah kalian pun tidak sempurna sama sekali, jika ibadah kalian sempurna tidak mungkin kalian menghina agama lain
    intinya semua agama itu baik, manusianya yg mengotori agama itu sendiri

ISIS gunfight footage RAW: Iraqi troops in battle for Ramadi

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