Russian helicopters & warplanes annihilate ISIS targets: Unique combat footage from Palmyra op

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of airstrikes delivered by Russian combat helicopters and warplanes on Islamic State forces during the operation in Palmyra.


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  1. So how come noone ever mentions civilian casualties on Russian air strikes like are Russian bombs so smart that they can't possibly hurt anyone else but the intended targets ? Are people minds so closed so biased that they can only ridicule one side .and in their minds the other side is perfect .

  2. Is there isis in the Ukraine, Georgia or the Crimea? To assume Putin’s motives are based on moral principles is insane. There are very few “shining knights” in these current middle eastern wars.

  3. Too bad RT does not show THUG-ruSSiyan fuck-ups like the school they hit north of Idlib murdering 53 Syrian school children who were taking shelter at their school from THUG-ruSSiyan airstrikes.

  4. putin showed the world how to do it go in get the job done then get out not like un or usa hanging around for twenty years spending peoples tax dollars on military companies hats off putin job well done

  5. Biggest threat to world peace is the Shia terrorist state of Iran , it backs international terrorism around the globe,were ever their is trouble Iran is behind it, like backing the Shia war criminal dictator Assad in Syria, the Shia death squads that butcher innocent women and children in Iraq and Syria for only because they are Sunni,not forgetting the barbaric Hezbollah terrorist the list goes on and on!

  6. Syria is Russian time of fame, showing the world their military hardware, the same way the U.S. and NATO shows their military hardware during Iraq war in 91/92 and Iraq invasion in 2003

    Russian military hardware sales sky rocketing up to moe than U$6 billion after Russian took part in fighting against terrorism in Syria in late 2015

Russian helicopters & warplanes annihilate ISIS targets: Unique combat footage from Palmyra op

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