US Marines Getting Hit | Marines Bad Day | Helmet Cam Footage | World Of Army

US marines getting hit by IED in Afghanistan by taliban. In this extreme close combat footage you will see how hard marines soldier life can be 🙁 WARNING! : Viewers discretion is advised.

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  1. "Hey! Don't step on these rocks!"
    * guys step on rocks *
    * IED goes off *
    I still can't believe that the guy survived an IED blowing up 5 feet from him,and he even knew it was an IED and warned the others…

  2. When they are walking past those mud alleys. Why don't the Marines or army tie a 70lbs dumbell on a chain or rope and throw that fucker from a helicopter or a drone to drag that thing across to the other side. Or toss a 15 lb kettle bell with a canon and a metal rope attached Idk sounds crazy but ganghis khan had mega weapons. I'm know my ideas sound retarded cuz the canon would blow up the metal chain but maybe a catapult with a rope attached. Jeez

  3. Im 15 and in 2 years i can enlist in the Marines. It has been my dream since i was 6. My grandpa would always tell me storys of my familys military history he always told me storys of his time to. he died when I was 8 and I always told my mom and dad i wanted to enlist it was hard to convince them that I was serious. When I was 12 they finally realized I was not joking. I watched this video knowing what I might get into ( i still wanna join) but I have to thank those brave men and women who are still serving now.

  4. I am not American BUT I feel proud to say that many people,(including myself)  owe their lives to these brave men and women for putting their lives on the line for us all

US Marines Getting Hit | Marines Bad Day | Helmet Cam Footage | World Of Army

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