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  1. LOL….you are wrong on all accounts…I actually can't stand motto stickers ..and do you even know what I was responding to? "This wasn't Omaha Beach"….No one said it was….But it was far from a cake walk. Funny though, keep enjoying videos portraying the experiances few of us will ever know. It's not my fault YOU will not be remembered for anything of significant importance….YOU MAD!!!!

  2. Yeah, but I bet you brag about this stuff everyday, beg for praise for doing it, and have Marine bumper stickers all over your car and "OIF VET" on your liscense plate…but still lash out at people "LUCKLY? FUN!?!?!? RAH RAH RAH…WELL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT FUN!!!! COMBAT IS NO JOKE"

    Jesus Christ – this wasn't Omaha Beach, it wasn't Fallujah, and you didn't run across a field and kill someone with a sword. Get the fuck over yourselves already.

  3. @ramtron1775 it's well known, america is world police, look at your history of wars on this planet, period imagine that your family has gone trough as that family few days ago in afg. , got killed by drunk american soldiers. yeah, realy to protect and serve

  4. @ramtron1775 i am proud of myselfe, what i do in life, but i wouldnt be proud at myselfe if i was a soldier, in afgan or iraq, i prefer mercenary not soldier name for that job what you do. nothing to be proud of. proud soldier is one wich is defending it's own house ( country ). more ppl like you , rich get richer poor, more poor, think bout it. You think afgan and iraq ppl are less valuable than other ppl, at least, you americans are acting like that

  5. @yesiamawizardjonny
    Lucky? You have no freaking idea what you are saying.
    I lost 5 of my closest budies including my platoon commander fighting in that shit hole.
    lucky??? I think not. This isn't some fucking video game gents!!!
    Cpl."Ramrod "Ramirez 3rd Amphibious Assault Battallion Alpha Company !MARDIV….OIF1 and 2

  6. @Ansar3raq I'm going to ask you to delete your comment. Pick up a book and do some research. The Iraq general population is plagued everyday from mob-like insurgents who hide behind the innocent civilians and destroy their lives. They are a leech to their otherwise humble and quiet society. The United States military will not stand by while this is going on. Those aren't innocent people the Marines are shooting at, they're brain-washed, misled muslim fascist extremists who are cowardly hiding.

  7. @dhakarmoglai

    you have no idea what you are talking about. These MEN are sworn to protect this country from all foreign and domestic threats that present any danger to the republic. If the people that actually know how to speak, unlike yourself, and are involved in the logistics of the military decide it is necessary then guess what…? ITS FUCKING NECESSARY.

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